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Of Man and Beast- Who is Noble and Who is Really The Beast?

First off I will warn you this is a mini to a moderate sized rant. It has been simmering for years and I have had little outbursts to unsuspecting people who happened to be in my company over time but lately I just feel so overwhelmingly frustrated and bewildered by man" kind" as of lately that I have to say it here for anyone who's bothered to read.

As a former very proud dog owner ( My darling Mr. Mo passed away at the ripe old age of 14 the summer before last, may his stinky self rest in peace.) I have a special appreciation for the unique bond between owner and pet. Nothing can quite replace that unconditional love a dog shows their owner (That said any of the seldom times that I dared eat a packet of pine nuts or rashers without sharing or didn't give Mo a neck rub QUITE long enough I received a mighty cold shoulder from him, so there actually might be a few conditions but love needs a few rules and boundaries really I guess!) So it completely breaks my heart every time I read or hear about the un-explainable animal cruelty that occurs, what seems more and more frequently, on our small island.

The late and great Mr. Mo & myself.

I have been following the Facebook page for Cork Dog Action Welfare Group over the past few months and I am absolutely blown away by the care and support that this page is filled with for the dogs found. So many well-wishers and foster families for the dogs help to support one another to keep fighting the good fight. The page also has highlighted the unmerciful cruelty that has been inflicted on these poor innocent creatures. Beaten, torture and mostly left for dead these poor mites are given a second chance by the wonderful people at DAWG. One notably is Fionn, the wonder dog, who has stolen my heart along with thousands of others. I have been following Fionn's story from the start where he was found by a walker who almost mistook him as just part of the pile of rubbish he was left for dead on. He was brutally beaten and tires were placed on top of him, it seems as though whoever put him there did not want there to be any chance for him to be saved. Due to the amazing work by DAWG, his foster mom, and the countless supporters that made extremely generous donations Fionn has made a miraculous recovery. His journey has been tough and by no means straightforward due to the extremity of his injuries that were inflicted by nothing more than a pathetic snivelling excuse of a person. (Link here for more on Fionn’s story.) Sadly there are many more like Fionn every day, many of them aren't as lucky as he to have been found and nursed back to health.

Photo Source:

What really makes me even angrier is how the people responsible get away with such monstrous actions. Even if they are caught they will serve little to no time for their crimes which absolutely shocks me as according to PETA and many other sources, research and study on psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty and violence against animals do not usually stop there, many move onto humans. Now I am by no means demeaning what I personally consider a gravely serious offence in its own right but if the justice system doesn't see it to be a huge crime by itself can they not take a look at what it could lead to by not taking precautions? Murderers often start out by killing animals, many of them as children but this does not mean that it is limited to a young age. Notorious serial killers such as the Boston Strangler and the BTK killer, among many others, both began their spree early on with their victims starting out as animals according to PETA. Studies undertaken by Cynthia Hodges, attorney with animal law practice and Australian Police both revealed that 100% of sexual homicide offenders examined had a history of animal cruelty. So why are these disgusting crimes not taken more seriously and being reflected by increasing sentences and implementing compulsory psychiatric counselling on those guilty?

The UK seems to have the same lenient sentencing. Trainee Solicitor Katy Gammon only received a measly 18 weeks jail time for purposely tying up and abandoning her boxer Roxy without food or water in an apartment. Her body was found 10 weeks later after dying of prolonged dehydration and starvation. This sickens me to my core that someone could be so deliberately cruel and indifferent to an animal's life.

Orphaned foal stands by its' mother's body. Photo source: The Independent.

In recent months it seems that the number of cases has grown rapidly. To mention but a few, two horses met the grisly demise, one was doused in petrol and lit on fire by a gang of young teens in Tallaght and another was kicked and beaten to death by a group of men in a Wicklow town leaving her defensless foal without a mother. All for a laugh right? I mean sure teenagers were probably rebelling and the men were too drunk, that’s not a psychotic thing to do at all, no sirey. The teens will probably grow out of it and the men must be family men underneath it all, best not ruin their lives for a silly "mistake" - This is probably what many try persuade themselves to think so not to face the reality that these are sadistic acts that will lead to further disgusting violence on more innocent animals and people, but sure as long as it’s not a pet they own or a person they love what does it matter! The more we the people and the law of our land sit idly by the worse it is going to get. To quote the words of Edmund Burke “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.
A lovely selection of adorable "muttley crew" that has passed through the doors of DAWG

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